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Issues on the Agenda


MunoM 2018 Agenda 



General Assembly


General Assembly 1 (Disarmament and social security)  

  • Defining general rights for defence and national security in an international environment independent of race, religion and history 
  • Balancing equal treatment of refugees with increasing demands of international security 
  • Relationship between disarmament and development 


General Assembly 2 (Economic and Financial) 

  • Promoting international trade between countries with different cultures 
  • Supporting a wider use of Fair-trade and related organisations to promote global equality 
  • How to deal with Macroeconomic challenges to debt sustainability in  developing countries 


General Assembly 3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) 

  • Promoting gender equality, especially for women in religiously conservative countries 
  • Ensuring equality for all genders 
  • Effects of terrorism on the enjoyment of human rights 


General Assembly 4 (Special, Political and Decolonisation) 

  • Challenges of equality in new democracies (ex-dictatorships) such as North African states 
  • The occupied Syrian Golan 
  • Information in the service of humanity 


General Assembly 6 (Legal) 

  • Focus on a United Nations Programme of Assistance for the Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law. 
  • Measures to eliminate international terrorism 
  • The promotion of a wider international legal foundation to provide employment to disabled persons 



Economic and Social Councils


ECOSOC 1 (Sustainable Development) 

  • Find solutions to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption 
  • The rights of people in developing countries to the impact of climate change 
  • The requirements from least developed countries (LDCs) for Sustainable Development 


ECOSOC 2 (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice) 

  • Promoting the implementation of alternatives to imprisonment as part of comprehensive crime prevention and criminal justice policies 
  • Gain a legal framework for equal rights across international borders and custom offices 
  • Require more justice for children, support and assistance for victims. 


ECOSOC 3 (Human Rights) 

  • Mainstreaming a gender perspective into all policies and programmes in the UN system 
  • The special rights of children subjected to sexual abuse, in particular rape 
  • Strengthening efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger 



Security Council


Security Council 

  • The Security Council’s role in the Ukraine crisis 
  • The acceptability of intervention in national conflicts concerning use of illegal weapons (like chemical weapons of mass destruction) 
  • Jerusalem 



  Header Photo by Sergey Borisov Photography