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Policy statements

Researching issues and countries

To be well prepared for MunoM you should read up about your country/NGO and the issues of your committee on the internet and in the daily press. We recommend that you write a policy statement for each issue, and a draft resolution on at least one of those issues, in advance of the conference (see below).

The policy statement

The reason we ask you to write a policy statement in advance is so that you can familiarize yourself with your country/NGO’s position on the issues concerned. You can then use your policy statement to help you write a draft resolution and to help you formulate your arguments during debates.

  • A policy statement should include
  • A definition of the issue, including any related terms (e.g. if the issue concerns terrorism, you should outline your country/NGO’s definition thereof)
  • A short summary of recent international developments relating to this issue, concentrating on your country/NGO’s involvement
  • A general statement on your country/NGO’s position on the issue, together with the proposed plan of action

As you may be asked to read out your policy statement please ensure that it does not two minutes in length. (Security Council statements may be longer. See ‘Security Council’).

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