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MUN Vocabulary

Ad Staff Administrative Staff. These assist the Chair. They count votes during voting procedures and help with note passing.
Amendment An alteration to a specific part of the resolution. This can be used to change a certain phrase in a resolution, in order to let it pass more easily.
Chair This person leads the MUN debates. The Chair decides who may speak and which motions are in order and which are not. The Chair's decision cannot be overruled.
Co-submitter This is a delegation that is in favour of a resolution before it has been debated. A resolution needs a certain amount of Co-Submitters before it can be submitted.
Delegate A member of a delegation.
Delegation All the delegates together, representing the same country or organisation.
General Assembly The General Assembly (GA) is the main deliberative body of the UN.
Lobbying This is the negotiating over a resolution between delegates before the actual debate starts.
Main submitter The delegation submitting a resolution. When the actual debate starts, the Main Submitter will read out the operative clauses, and will give the first speech about it.
Merging This is what delegates do, while lobbying. Everyone has made a resolution and they will then form merging groups to combine the clauses and write one final resolution.
MUN-director This is the teacher accompanying the delegates from a delegation, all coming form one school.
NGO This is a Non-Governmental Organisation. These are not allowed to vote during a debate.
NMD This is a Non-Member Delegation. These delegations represent organisations or nations which are not Members of the UN. They have the right to speak during a debate, but not to vote.
Operative clause A clause in the resolution, which urges to take action.
Policy Statement See page 1 and 2 of the Instructional Guide.
Pre-ambulatory clause These clauses give background information concerning the issue the resolution is about.
Resolution This is the document written by the delegates stating what their opinion is on how to deal with the issue.
Secretary General This person is the the actual "leader" of the whole conference. This person is in charge of everything that happens during the entire conference. If his/her orders will be disrespected, you may be entirely removed from the conference.
Student Officers These are all the Presidents, Chairs and Deputies.


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