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All about MunoM

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General Rules on Conduct

This Conference is of serious and diplomatic nature.
Therefore there are certain rules that have to be respected.
The purpose of these simple guidelines is to make it possible for all MUN participants to operate, considering the primary purposes of the conference.

Dress code Being a serious simulation of the United Nations delegates are expected to be dressed appropriately. For boys this means that they should be dressed in a formal suit, a shirt and a tie. Girls should be dressed equally formally in suits, with trousers or skirts, or dresses. Delegates may be denied access to the conference when appearing dressed inappropriately.
Alcoholic Beverages Any kind of alcoholic drink is strictly forbidden during MunoM. Additionally the use of any type of narcotic drugs is strictly forbidden.
Curfew The MunoM Staff recommends a curfew of 24:00 since the Conference is very tiring, and to show our consideration towards the guest families.
Cellular Phones During all meetings cellular phones are to be switched off. Also portable audio equipment must be switched off during the meetings.
Badges Your MunoM badge is very important. If you do not have a badge you will not be allowed to enter the building, attend other meetings nor will you be able enter the MunoM Party. If you lose your badge you must apply for a new one at the Registration desk. The delegate will have to pay € 10,- and give in a new photograph.
Lunch and Lunch Tickets On the first day every delegate will receive their lunch tickets. Lost tickets will not be replaced. Lunch will be served every day between______ and _______.
Placards On the first day every delegate will receive a placard. With this the delegate can vote during debates. Please do not forget to bring it to every meeting. Lost placards will not be replaced.
Smoking Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.


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