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Course of session

Opening ceremonies in the General Assembly:

The opening ceremonies begin with the introduction of the President of the General Assembly and a couple of guest speakers. Thereafter the ambassadors of each delegation hold an opening speech.

Opening Speeches:

It is obligatory to hold an opening speech for each delegation. This gives them the opportunity to address the General Assembly on behalf of their delegation. The delegation's ambassador should present the opening speech. The speech can be either of a general or a specific nature; it must, however, represent the country's or organisation's opinion on the addressed subject. Speakers should not attempt to cover as many topics on the agenda as possible, but should try to come to a conclusion on what they find the current most important theme in the world. You could for example concentrate on a single item which affects many UN members such as the Palestinian question or the current Iraq situation. Opening speeches should not exceed 1 minute.

Closing ceremonies in the General Assembly:

The closing ceremonies as the opening ceremonies begin with the speech of a guest speaker who will lecture on a specific issue on the agenda.

The end of the conference is sealed by the closing ceremonies in which the President of the GA addresses the delegates a final time and declares this year's conference closed.

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